a n t a s i e s   a n d   O t h e r   P o i s o n s :

A moving portraiture – five faces of desperation held together by the fantasy and illusion of those … less fortunate.  Mr. Leftovers: a man whose whole existence revolves around leftover thoughts, both his own and others. Almost Queen: the inner dialogue of a handmaid concentrating thoroughly on her imaginings of becoming Queen.  Olga: a woman who fights to stay atop the Russian superstar elite.  Sylphia: a young sylph obsessed with fables.  Oracle: a has-been mystic who explores the pleasures and pitfalls of her decadent side.

Fantasies and Other Poisons is a work originally choreographed by Sharon B. Moore and performed and produced by Emma Kerson, Jane Alison McKinney, Jillian Peever, and Freya Sargent.  This project came into existence as a result of the 2011 Sharon Moore Solo Project.  The project which has taken place annually since 2008 through The School of Toronto Dance Theatre arose from Moore’s desire to contribute solos to the School’s recent graduates.  As a gift in kind from Sharon, the dancers take part in a four-week creative process and are given the rights to perform the work as they wish.  The School generously facilitates the project, which includes donating rehearsal space and promoting and arranging public showings of the work during the process.  In 2011, these four dancers were selected from the graduating class of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre.  After an informal showing was held in the School’s theatre in July 2011, it became clear that the solos were asking to be transformed into one full-length show with Moore’s continued choreographic direction.  We are thrilled to be presenting the finished work in July 2012.

What is unique about this show is that all four dancers have spent three years in school together training and growing artistically in a tightly knit fashion.  However, over the past year we have all had broad work experiences, whether in Toronto as a part of the Toronto Dance Theatre, or as independent dancers working and training in Toronto, Montreal, New Brunswick, New York, Italy, Vienna, and Brazil.  We are thrilled to be adding our newly formed imprints onto the work we created as fresh graduates last summer with Sharon Moore.

Bold and exciting, the work pairs theatricality with magnetic physicality in an intimate, quirky, and desperate world.

          July 26-28, 2012 | 8PM
          Winchester Street Theatre | 80 Winchester St.
Tickets: $17 adult | $14 student, senior, CADA
Ticket reservations: 416-912-8711 | fantasiesandotherpoisons@gmail.com 



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